Ah, January – the month of well-intentioned resolutions, hasty gym memberships, and a collective sigh as we bid farewell to feasting on whatever we fancy and get back to the grind. We're now past the time when kale suddenly becomes more appealing, and water is chugged with the fervour of a desert wanderer stumbling upon an oasis. Yes, welcome to the annual wellness rollercoaster, where try as we might to undo the damage of December's culinary excess our motivation is beginning to wane.

Navigating January wellness is like tip-toeing through a minefield of detox teas, smoothies, and the lingering feeling of regret from agreeing to do Dry January. It's a month where our yoga mats unroll with a slightly judgmental "you again?". But fear not, for in this month of perceived pitfalls does lie the golden opportunity to start afresh on the road to betterment - if you only arm yourself effectively.

"New year, new me," for example, doesn't have to centred entirely around your fitness levels (or lack thereof). This time of the year is the optimum time to detox your wardrobe (in spite of the bitter cold), set new habits, and usher in a new mood into your home. Essentially, it doesn't have to be all doom and gloom - it can, in fact, be positively glorious. After all, January is not just a month; it's a state of mind. As you scroll through this page, discover a carefully curated edit of this month's essential items – from fitness gear you'll still be using come March to minimalist staples that give your style the reset it craves.