It’s autumn – and for most of us that means that our holiday allowance has all but dried up, meaning that the desire and urgency we had to achieve a perfectly honed beach body at the start of summer has all but slowed to a halt. But in fact, autumn is no time to slow down - it’s the perfect time to pick up the pace and capitalise on anything and everything you’ve achieved so far.

Chances are, from marathons to charity runs, you've witnessed several runner friends and acquaintances perform remarkable athletic accomplishments this summer (and subsequently show off about it on Instagram and Facebook immediately after). Use their personal feats as the motivation you need to power through - after all, autumn is officially marathon training season so those social posts won’t be slowing down anytime soon. If you can’t beat them, join them - no?

Plus there’s a wealth of other reasons why autumn is the best time to hit the ground running. Not only does a good ol' jog guarantee improved cardio fitness, muscle strengthening and proven positive impacts on mental heath, these changing months are among the most colourful and beautiful that you’re ever likely to exercise in. Not to mention the exceptionally refreshing chill in the air - exactly what you need to keep your cool when pounding the tarmac. And, though we do hate to reference this so early on, as the months quickly turn to days in the lead up to Christmas, you’ll be thankful to be able to start a gifting fund with the change you’d have otherwise spent on classes.

If we’ve finally convinced you to get outdoors (which, of course we have), then you’re going to need to make sure you’ve got the right kit for it. And who better than the activewear experts at Nike to provide a new season sports uniform to inspire. Switch out your summer shorts for running tights that; pick up your feet in a pair of Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2s (in this season’s trending lilac for extra style kudos) or protect yourself from elements in a high vis hooded jacket that you wouldn’t mind wearing to brunch on the weekend. With a variety of high impact shades and conceptual designs, this new wave of Nike autumn 2019 running gear is motivation enough in itself. But it’s never style over substance with the athlete’s brand of choice - each piece has been carefully crafted with runners in mind, using quality stretch fabric and sweat-wicking technology designed to help you achieve (and look) your personal best.

Here’s the Port edit of the 2019 Nike pieces guaranteed to get you moving.