This season is all give, give, give - what do we have to do to take around here? December is here and it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of selecting the perfect presents for others. We become elves of benevolence, tirelessly crafting shopping lists and scouring the markets for gifts that will delight our loved ones. But in the midst of this yuletide giving extravaganza, it's essential to remember one crucial recipient: ourselves.

Let's face it, not everything we yearn for will miraculously appear under the tree. Life, as it turns out, doesn't always resemble a perfectly curated Instagram feed. Some of our desires are too luxurious, too expensive, or dare we say it, too boring and practical to be wrapped up in festive paper and tied with a bow. This is where the art of self-gifting comes into play. When the last ribbon has been curled and the final gift tag applied, it's time to turn our attention inward. 

To counteract the grand symphony of seasonal generosity, scroll on to discover my edit of self-indulgence. Think of it as a round-up of those pieces you may have been discreetly eyeing for months, the ones that may now find their way into the winter sales. Festive day looks that are more 'you' than the carefully chosen ensembles for family gatherings. And why not get ahead of proceedings with products that promise January self-improvement, ensuring the new year starts off as you intend it to? After all, ‘tis the season to be giving, and that includes giving a little something special to the person who knows you best - you.