Things look, shall we say, a little different than we might have expected this October. There's a certain sense of disbelief in the air. The weather is suspiciously warm right now, tempting us with the illusion of an extended Indian summer. But don’t be fooled - if there's one thing a lifetime of being caught short in British weather has taught us, it's that, by the end of the month, we'll be shivering all the way to our thermostat. Mark my words, the cold snap is coming and when it does, I want to have done everything within my very limited power to prepare you for it before your breath turns to mist.

Being ready for the cold before it hits is not just practical; it's just good sense. A good autumn wardrobe in the UK requires a harmonious blend of style, functionality and flexibility. Lightweight layers that effortlessly transition from brisk mornings to balmy afternoons quicker than the time it takes the BBC weather app to update. And, of course, the quintessential jacket. Essentially redundant right now while you’re walking around in your t-shirt and Ray Bans but a trusty companion for the capricious weather whims of this season.

Beyond clothing, this is also the right time to make seasonal updates to your grooming routine too. As your glow of your summer tan wears off, the harsher temperatures will demand skincare that locks in hydration, ensuring your face remains fresh and invigorated despite the cold winds. Don’t worry, I know exactly the brand to recommend for such tasks.

Below, I have curate da selection of the month’s most essential items, spanning future beauty heroes through to cooler weather staples. You might not believe me yet, but in a week or so, you’ll be glad you listened.