As much as March is a month of fresh starts, snow drops and noticeably lighter evenings, spring isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Yes, it’s a new season but there will be days when you look at the window and wouldn’t know it. Therefore our sartorial metamorphosis needs to a little slower and softer than vacuum packing everything cold weather related. It’s about finding that sweet spot when you can finally retire the heavy winter overcoat and embrace the lightweight embrace of a versatile lightweight jacket. That’s right, people. It’s finally trench time, or perhaps a shacket if you’d prefer something a little more casual. And what about those trusty sweaters? They’re not banished to the depths of your closet just yet. Instead, roll necks pass the baton to lighter, brighter knits in cheerful hues that effortlessly bridge the gap between seasons.

But let’s not forget about what’s going on outside our wardrobes too. A fresh haircut and a spritz of a zesty cologne are just what the doctor ordered to shake off the winter blues and embrace the whole rebirth thing going on in the world around us.

Below I’ve rounded up just a few pieces that will make spring dressing a doddle. Fresh duds aplenty, picked with unpredictable weather in mind, alongside a few cobweb-dusting additions to your everyday life, from essential SPF-laden moisturisers to regenerating scents, to ensure you’re ready to spring forward when the clocks do.